770S™ Wireless Food Purifier
770S™ Wireless Food Purifier
770S™ Wireless Food Purifier

770S™ Wireless Food Purifier

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Want to feel certain that the produce you eat is free from pesticides & other nasties?

The 770S™ Purifier removes up to 99% of pesticides & bacteria. Feel & taste the difference or your money back guaranteed!

Learn how the 770S™ Purifier is able to - 

⭐Naturally eliminate up to 99% of pesticides & bacteria
⭐Clean your produce using absolutely NO harsh chemicals
⭐Provide the benefits of expensive permaculture grown produce without the cost (money back in your pocket)
⭐Enhance the taste of your fruits & veggies (taste them as nature intended)
⭐Reduce oxidative stress on your body (sleep, feel and live better!)

Naturally Eliminate Pesticides & Bacteria

There are more than 1,000 pesticides that are used on food worldwide. Pesticides are potentially toxic to humans and may cause adverse health effects such as cancer, reproductive problems, and harm to the immune system and nervous system.

With only tap water and a little table salt, the 770S™ Purifier generates an active solution that effectively eliminates pesticides and bacteria in an environmentally-friendly way, avoiding the need for irritating or dangerous chemicals.

With natural ingredients, the 770S™ Purifier removes contaminants from your produce, greatly reducing the amount of harmful chemicals that you are ingesting.

Breakthrough discovery

You've probably tried other methods of cleaning your produce that promise the world, but fail to deliver.

Other methods can leave a weird odor & taste on your fruits & vegetables and have been found to be no better than tap water at cleaning produce.Other produce washes may seem great at first, but they're just not an effective long-term solution.

After years of prototypes and laboratory testing, a breakthrough combination was found:

- Sodium (NaCI)- Water (H2O)- Electrolysis (an electric current)

Combining these three elements was the secret sauce that resulted in a highly effective, portable produce purifier.

78% More Effective In Eliminating Contaminants

This breakthrough formula breaks down the molecular structure of the contaminants, rendering them into harmless, non-toxic substances that can be easily removed with a quick rinse.Then, when the contaminants are rendered harmless you can easily wash them away with a quick rinse.

The 770S™ Purifier:- removes bacteria- removes mold- removes pesticide residues- uncovers the real taste of fruits & vegetables

The result is beautifully clean fruits & vegetables free from nasty chemicals and germs.

With consistent use of the 770S™ Purifier, many of our customers report noticing an increased appetite for fruits & vegetables resulting in an overall improvement of their health.

Produce Cleaning Benefits

- Removes up to 99% of pesticides & bacteria - No weird odor or after-taste- Enjoy better tasting fruits & vegetables- Feel lighter & energetic- Increase your appetite for fruits & vegetables- Increase the lifespan of your fruits & vegetables (save money)- Potentially reduce the risk for chronic problems

Why Not Just  Buy Organic?

We used to believe that organic foods were free of pesticides and that organic pesticides were healthier for us and the environment than synthetic pesticides. This, however, is not true. Many natural pesticides have also been discovered to pose health risks.

Michael Pollan, best-selling author and organic supporter made a statement about today's organic farming:

"They're organic by the letter, not organic in spirit... if most organic consumers went to those places, they would feel they were getting ripped off."

There are 20 approved chemicals used in growing organic crops. One example of one that was harmful was Rotenone, which was used as an organic pesticide and considered safe until it was found that it attacks mitochondria in all living cells. Last year, nearly half of organic pesticides used in Europe failed to pass a safety evaluation.

Many organic pesticides are less toxic than their synthetic counterparts, but that doesn't mean they are entirely safe or won't cause harm. Organic pesticides still contain compounds formulated to kill at concentrations higher than would be found in nature.

This section isn't about how organic farms are bad. It's just to say that the standards for what counts as an "organic" farm can vary greatly per country.

We always recommend washing your produce thoroughly before consumption, whether the source is a conventional or organic farm.

Pesticides & Children

Pesticide metabolites have consistently been found in children's urine, with children who eat conventional diets showing significantly higher levels of pesticides in their urine than children who eat organic. Pesticides have also been found in human breast milk samples and there are concerns about prenatal exposure.

The nervous system and other organ systems of children are still developing as they grow. A child's immature liver and kidneys cannot remove pesticides from the body as effectively as an adult's liver and kidneys.

Children often eat and drink more relative to their body weight than adults, which can lead to a higher dose of pesticide residue per pound of body weight.

The 770S™ Purifier pesticide purifier is a great way to give your kids healthier, cleaner fruits and vegetables.We recommend people of any age to always be conscious when it comes to cleaning your food before eating.

Why wait? Try the 770S™ Purifier for 90 days risk-free! 
*This product does not claim to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. 
Always seek professional advice from your doctor if you have Multiple Chemical Sensitivities*

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