CanWalk™ - Foldable & Adjustable Walking Cane
CanWalk™ - Foldable & Adjustable Walking Cane
CanWalk™ - Foldable & Adjustable Walking Cane
CanWalk™ - Foldable & Adjustable Walking Cane

CanWalk™ - Foldable & Adjustable Walking Cane

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"This cane helped me get around after my hip surgery. it was very comfortable to use and the built-in flashlight was certainly a bonus when having to use the toilet at night."

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ - Ted Gunther

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It is prudent to use a walking aid if ailment or injury prevents you from walking steadily or stably. Sometimes, it is imperative to use walking aids especially after some form of limbs or hip, or other types of surgery, so as to allow the wound to heal properly, and also to prevent falls, which may further complicate the recovery process. This CanWalk™ Cane is ideally suited for these purposes.

Also, for those who love walking, especially outdoor, it is important to use walking aids, such as this CanWalk™ Cane for extra support and safety.


Your center of balance can be affected by ageinjury, or trauma, and without help, you’re risking a serious fall

The problem is, most single-foot support canes are extremely wobbly, and may tip or slip as they’re moved. Four-footed canes, however, are cumbersome and difficult to continually lift and set down.

The solution? You need the CanWalk™ Cane: an innovative new walking cane design that offers not only stability, but several other convenient features, as well!

Meet The CanWalk™ Cane

Alleviate Pressure & Pain in Your KneesBack, and Other Joints

Improve MobilityStability, and Balance

Maintain an Active and Independent Lifestyle

Helps Reduce Unnecessary Trips & Slips

Sit & Stand Easier with Our Innovative Secondary Handle

EASY UP HANDLE: Always Have a Helping Hand

The trickiest part of using a cane to stand up from a sitting position is preventing the cane from tipping at a dangerous angle during weight transfer.

The CanWalk™ Cane has an unusual and very handy feature: a complete second handle that folds down from the shaft of the cane. The user can grip the top of the cane and this comfortable, foam-textured secondary handle for a more even weight distribution.

That means no tipping or lurching forward!

QUAD TIP BASE: Non-Slip Technology

Unlike many multi-foot walking canes, the CanWalk™ Cane offers secure multi-point balance at the base without the bulk and tripping hazard of additional separate cane feet.

The compact round base fights tipping and falling with four rubber stabilizing cups on the underside.

Stands Up Right On Its Own

The slip-resistant quad base allows CanWalk™ Cane to stand on its own so you never have to pick it up from the ground. This prevents potential falls and accidents.

360° PIVOT JOINT: Conquer All Terrains

Single-point canes are unreliable and easily tipped, even with the user’s full weight bearing down. Our 360-degree tripod base offers support in all directions, enabling a cane user to “push off” however they need to without compromising safety.

This style helps ensure support when walking over and around curbs, uneven sidewalks, and varied terrain like dirt and grass. The flexible tips move with you, not against you, allowing a more natural gait.

LIGHTWEIGHT & FOLDABLE: The Ultimate Convenience

Don't let life slow you down, lightweight and less than 1.02 pounds the CanWalk™ Cane's clever design also folds up small enough to fit in a car glove box or purse for on-the-go support in an instant!

BRIGHT LED FLASHLIGHT: illuminate Your Path Ahead

Trip and fall hazards are virtually everywhere, particularly at night, and even in the relative safety of the home.

Experts recommend consistent lighting for seniors and vision / mobility impaired patients, so the CanWalk™ Cane provides just that!

A powerful 4-LED flashlight in the handle of the cane keeps the path ahead illuminated, preventing bumps, bruises, and falls. The light can be aimed straight ahead or angled downwards towards the feet for sure footing during night time strolls.

Simply add 3 AAA batteries and you’ll enjoy illumination anytime, anywhere!

CUSTOMIZABLE HEIGHTS: For People 4-7 Feet Tall

The CanWalk™ Cane is made for users of all ages and heights, and uses a 5-level adjustable system in the shaft of the cane to vary the support height.

Adjust it from 26” all the way up to 42” Perfect fit for people 4 to 7 Feet Tall. Designed to fit the heights of virtually anyone out there. Just press the button on the side and pull the cane up or down until it clicks into place.

This versatile feature makes it an excellent mobility tool that accommodates users with posture support needs that vary from day to day.

EMERGENCY ALARM: Assistance Is A Push Away

Scare off malicious people or call for help during emergency situations using the safety alarm which can be activated in just a click of the red button.

THE BEST, PERIOD. Average vs. Superb

The CanWalk™ Cane is designed to help you enjoy life with your friendsfamily, and loved ones by solving mobility issues.

When you can use the restroom, relax on the couch, or settle down for coffee on the patio, all without needing a hand, you’ll be able to spend more time in the moment.

This lighted, collapsible walking cane goes everywhere you do - all without looking like a “medical device” - to give you peace of mind in every step.

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